Packing machine AM 600

The area of the folding carton production has changed.
Nowadays we have shorter delays of our orders and
higher request on our machines and operators.
Today our carton folder gluers could reach very high
performances if we would not have the borders of the
physical and psychological stress. In very few cases we
can reach a satisfactory performance with our carton
folder gluers.
With our advanced packaging machine AM 600 with
two variants of using we have the possibility to satisfy
prices and performance.


Technical Specification
Model AM 600
Length max: 600 mm, min: 50 mm
Width max: 600 mm, min: 30 mm
Suitable materials
Solid board 200 - 1500 g/m2
Corrugated E + B-Flute
Construction straightline boxes
4 + 6 corner boxes
special boxes


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 AM 600 Packing machine