DEKO 800 STF with Hotfoil


The new developed die cutting and Hotfoil stamping
machine DEKO 800STF He get you the flexibilty for
cutting and refining of your print sheets. Trough
new unitys you can safe set up time in the job
printing and packaging area.


♦   Cutting and Hotfoilstamping in one machine
♦   Standard high in the cliché
♦   Pull in running and gross direction for safe foils

Suitable for the following materials depending
on quality of material and sheet layouts:

♦   Paper to a minimum weight of 80 g/m²
♦   Carton or solid board 2000 g/m²
♦   Micro flute (*) (*) Max. acceptable warp 4 %


Technical Specification
Model DEKO 800 ST
max. sheet size 610 x 810 mm
min. sheet size 240 x 300 mm
Min. Gripper Margin 8-14 mm
Punching force 250 Ton
Production speed 7500 s/h
Suitable materials
Paper 80 g/m²
Solid board 2000 g/m²
Corrugated 3 mm thickness
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 DEKO 800 ST / STF Die cutter